Viinikaapit ja tallelokerot

Tefcoldin laadukkaat ja kestävät, ammattikäyttöön (esim.ravintolat, laivat) suunnitellut viinikaapit ovat nyt myös saatavilla omaan kotiisi! Tuotteissa on ammattitason koneisto ja jäähdytysjärjestelmän ansiosta säilytät viinikokoelmasi oikeassa lämpötilassa. Viinikaappien käytännöllinen ja tyylikäs muotoilu tekee viiinien esittelystä ja tarjoilusta vieraillesi yhtä juhlaa!
Nämä tuotteet tilataan suoraan tehtaalta ja toimitetaan ovellesi.

Tässä lyhyt Tefcoldin yritysesittely:


The TEFCOLD Group – a great team of people all working to offer you quality products and outstanding service within the plug-in commercial refrigeration sector.

With more than 30 years market experience and over 2000 customers across 100 countries, we have the expertise to help make your business successful.

Our sales and marketing team of over 30 people, supported by our strong technical department, are ready to swiftly answer any question or query with a high degree of technical knowledge.

With the broadest product portfolio in the market and with more than 35,000 products in stock at our 4 warehouse locations, we are ready to deliver either small or large quantities to you in the quickest possible time. If you are buying in large volumes we also ship direct from our factories.

All TEFCOLD staff are committed to providing a high level of quality and service – all our products are tested in our 2 test laboratories to maintain our high standard. Our spare parts team have a wide range of parts, ready for immediate shipping, available through our 2 spare parts centres.

Our ambitions are high; we want to grow and aim to have the highest customer satisfaction in the market.

TEFCOLD A/S is part of the TEFCOLD Group. The head office is in Viborg, Denmark where we have our showroom, 12,000 square metre warehouse, testing laboratory, branding facilities and spare part centre.

We also have 9,000 square metres of warehousing at our sister company Interlevin Refrigeration Ltd based at Castle Donington in the UK. This includes testing facilities, branding and spare part centre and an extensive showroom. We have further warehousing and distribution in both Slovenia and Germany.

TEFCOLD was founded in Viborg in 1987 by Torben and Frede Christensen.

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